Sant Sudan



Sudan (1700–1753) was the chief  poet in the court of King Suraj Mal, the righteous ruler in Rajasthan. He was born in Mathur  caste, lived in Mathura and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. He reduced the mental tension of Maharaja by praising him, through his popular poems, and one of his famous texts is Sri Krishna Charitra. In this text, he mentioned about the life history of Krishna, the need for his avatar, his relationship with Gopikas, respecting the elders, helping the Pandavas, and about Bhagavat Gita.

Sant Sudan lived a simple life, ignored the riches, and concentrated his attention on “KRISHNA BHAKTI”. He dedicated his entire life in singing songs and chanting the names of Lord Krishna. His poems are highly praised by the kings and the great scholars, and he was highly honoured by the king Suraj Mal, for his talents. At his old age, he has become a saint, performed penance on Lord Krishna, and attained salvation after his death.


  1. Even our parents may ignore us, but the great Lord Krishna would never ignore us, and always shower his grace on us.
  2. We must start worshipping Krishna from our childhood itself.
  3. Study the divine texts, Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita, in order to know about the greatness of Lord Krishna.
  4. Lord Krishna is the universal protector, and he is our guide, who takes us to the spiritual path.
  5. During the times of sufferings and sorrows, sincerely pray to Krishna, and in course of time, all of our problems would come to an end.
  6. Follow the path of the great saints like Tukaram, Savata Mali, Meera Bai, Eknath and Dyaneshwar, in order to merge with Lord Krishna.
  7. All of our reasonable expectations would be fulfilled by Lord Krishna.
  8. Remove the bad thoughts, and fill up your mind with full of spiritual thoughts on Lord Krishna.
  9. Don’t get addicted in enjoying too much of pleasures in your life. Have the divine pleasure by singing glorious songs on Lord Krishna.