Shripada Krishnamurthy



Krishna Murthy Sastry, of Sripada family (1866 –1960), was born in Devarapalli of West Godavari district in a pious Telugu family, and he was the chief poet of Andhra Pradesh. He has written lot of devotional works in Telugu. His famous work, Sri Krishna Charitam, which explains the life history of Lord Krishna written in Sanskrit Language, was praised for its clarity.

At his teenage, He was married to a noble girl, and both of them lived in a comfortable manner. He was considered as a man of wisdom, courage, kindness and bravery. He contains good mental as well as physical strength, and he got good name and fame for his wonderful works and for his good nature.

He received lot of awards for his best contribution in the Telugu literature, including the Padma Sri Award in the year 1958.

The following are his titles:

  1. Mahamahopadhyaya
  2. Kavisarvabhauma
  3. Kaviraz
  4. Kavibrahma
  5. Andhra Vyasa
  6. Abhinava Srinadha
  7. Vedavidya Visarada
  8. Prasanna Valmiki
  9. Kala Prapoorna

He died at Rajahmundry in the year 1960, and a statue was installed in Rajahmundry as an honour for him.



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