Rishi Madhuchandha



Rishi Madhuchandha was mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata, and also in Rigveda. He is the son of the great sage Sri Vishvamitra. Madhuchanda contains good knowledge in Vedas, Shastras, and he was an expert in all kinds of arts, and was educated under his father Vishvamitra.

Madhuchanda also contributed some portions of text in the Rigveda, and in that, he had mentioned the greatness of Lord Agni Bhagavan. Since rituals are done only by fire, he considered the fire god, as the most important and worshipful deity.

Similar to his father Rishi Vishvamitra, he had performed meditation on Lord Brahma, and got great powers. During Ramayana, he met Lord Rama along with his father Vishvamitra, and during Mahabharata, he appeared before Dhrishtadyumna, an AMSHA of the fire god, and blessed him.

Rishi Madhuchanda had many disciples, and he taught the noble Vedas and other divine subjects to them. Some of his teachings are as follows:

  1. Never fear about anything in your life, and always be a bold and an honest person.
  2. God has created not for giving troubles to you. You are only creating your own problems and blaming on the god. Instead of that, start chanting the names of Lord Vishnu.
  3. Each and every human being is created for some purpose only. Always utilize your time in a productive manner, and don’t be lazy.
  4. Learn the holy Vedas, Puranas and other divine texts, in order to get proper understanding of the almighty.
  5. Do meditation on the god, and try to realize him in your soul.
  6. Correct yourself by removing the bad habits, and keep praying to Lord Vishnu.
  7. Help others and remove the tears of the sufferers through your kind speech.
  8. Always be in the company of learned men, saints and sages.
  9. Consider everyone in the world similar to you, and don’t hate others.