Rishi Lomasa


Rishi Lomasa was considered as one of the Gem among the rishis for his sincere devotion and constant meditation on the god, and for his kind hearted behaviour. It is believed that he lived during the Treta Yuga, and met Lord Rama, and discussed about spiritual matters with him. Once he has cursed the great rishi Kakapujandar also known as Kakabhushundi to become a crow, and afterwards worried for his act, and narrated the Ramayana incidents to him. And through that, Kakapunjandar has got sincere bhakti on Lord Rama and has become a great rishi.

Once during the treta yuga, due to his great meditation, he went deeper into the earth, since he was doing meditation for several lakhs of years. By hearing his voice inside the earth, lord rama who was returning to Ayodhya after the killing of Ravana, has cleared the place where he was meditating, and took him out. The rishi after a long time opened his eyes and enquired about him. Rama told the entire incidents which was happened in his life.

He also realized that Rama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and paid his respects to him. And from then onwards he has become a great devotee of Lord Rama, and used to frequently chant his mantra “JAI SRI RAM” regularly. It is believed that now he is living in the Rishi Mandala and still doing severe meditation on the god.


  1. Have bhakti on the god, without that nothing is possible in this world.
  2. Do your duty, rest leave it in the hands of the god.
  3. Chant the easiest Rama Mantra, which would solve all sorts of problems in this world, and also would give salvation at the end of the life.
  4. Give respect to everybody in this world, and take care of your parents properly.
  5. Work is worship.
  6. Do yoga and meditation regularly, in order to get good health and a sound mind.
  7. Nothing is permanent in this world. Hence, do charity to the poor, and get the blessings of the god.
  8. Nobody is our master, except the divine god, pay your regular prayers to him, and welcome him to your home.
  9. Realize that god is within you, and realize the inner spiritual energy and believe that god is dwelling in all the living beings in this world.

Let us praise the great rishi and be blessed.