Sage Sudhanva

Sage Sudhanva




Sudhanva was the son of Rishi Angirasa, he was a noble person, and he was good in spiritual subjects. Once he met Prahalad’s son Virochana, at a forest, and they have become friends. Once both of them were fell in love with a Rishi’s daughter, and due to that, they have become enemies. After knowing about their quarrel, Prahalad approached Sudhanva, and asked apology to him on behalf of his son Virochana, and after giving advices to his son Virochana, he had united both of them. Sudhanva was mentioned in the Puranas, Ramayana and in Mahabharata, and he is described as a pious and a soft nature person.

Rishi Narada taught the essence of bhakti to Sudhanva, he used to tell wonderful stories of Lord Vishnu, and also about the excellent features of Lord Vishnu. In course of time, due to his deep meditation on Lord Vishnu, he has acquired lot of spiritual powers, and due to that, he was praised by the sages and also by Rishi Narada.

Sudhanva also had got some disciples with him,and he taught good spiritual teachings to them.

1. Be pure and do good things to others.
2. Whatever you consider as bad in the world, like lust, greed and anger, reject it.
3. Increase your spiritual powers, by devoting your entire attention on the god.
4. Consider all other living beings similar to you, and show your love and affection on them.
5. Conquer the miseries and sorrows with the weapon Bhakti.
6. Smile, Smile at all the times, never shed tears, and don’t lose hope at any time in your life.
7. If you think that you are weak, then you would become weak, and if you think that you are strong then you would become the strongest person in the world. It is the mind, which determines the life of the person.
8. Have faith with the almighty, offer your regular prayers to him, and consider yourself as the humble servant of the god.
9. Chant the glories of the god, sing his beautiful songs, recite his marvelous mantras, and fill up him in your soul.