Significance Of Sri Vyasa Bhagavan

Significance Of Sri Vyasa Bhagavan



We can keep on telling about the significance of Sri Vyasa, who is also known as Sri Vyasa Bhagavan, since he has contained the divine qualities of Lord Vishnu Bhagavan. His birth name was Krishna Dvaipayana, and he was the son of Rishi Parasara and Ma Satyavati. He has attained great name and fame, since he has compiled the 18 Puranas, and also some other holy texts of Hinduism. Vyasa had got the great opportunity to narrate the events of Mahabharata to the first god Vinayaka himself, and made him to write faster.

Vyasa also known as Sri Veda Vyasa was created by Lord Brahma, in order to make him to write the holy Puranas, in order to introduce it to the world for the benefit of the humans. The name of Vyasa is mentioned in the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra, and he is also mentioned in the holy texts, as one of the holy incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Even after writing the great and wonderful epic Mahabharata, Vyasa didn’t get fully satisfied, and his mind was disturbed due to some mental uneasiness. On knowing about the position of Vyasa, Rishi Narada had approached him and asked him to write the divine epic, Srimad Bhagavatham, in praise of Lord Krishna. Sri Veda Vyasa had happily agreed, and he began to write the wonderful epic Bhagavatham which is also known as Bhagavatha Purana, in a cheerful manner. In that epic, he also mentioned about the childhood plays and miracles performed by Lord Krishna in an interesting manner. After finishing the holy epic, Sri Veda Vyasa was completely satisfied with his great work, and he also introduced it to the public with the help of his disciples.

Still the great texts of Sri Vyasa serves as a mediator between us and the great almighty, and his texts were considered to be a wonderful treasure among our Hindu epics. Though he has written the epics before 5000+odd years ago, yet the significance of the texts keep on increasing day by day. Sri Vyasa is praised as the holy Guru by the Hindus, and he acts as a guru to the great Madhwa Saint Sri Madhwacharya. The auspicious festival Guru Purnima is dedicated to him, since he is considered as the Main Holy Guru in the earth. It is also believed that he still resides in the Bhadrikashram, and his disciple and saint Madhwacharya serves him in a pleasing manner.