Rishi Satananda





Rishi Satananda was the pious son of Rishi Gautama and Mata Ahalya. Satananda was a great scholar and learnt the Vedas, Upanishads and the ancient Puranas from his father Gautama, and become a family priest of King Janaka at Mithila.

Mata Ahalya due to her bad fate was cursed by her husband Rishi Gautama, and she had become a stone, and when Lord Rama arrives at the forest along with Rishi Viswamitra, he touched his holy hand on the stone, and he had relieved her from her curse and brought back her to life.

When Viswamitra went to the palace of King Janaka along with Lord Rama, he had narrated the incident to Rishi Satananda, and after hearing the sweet words from the mouth of Viswamitra, Satananda had become very happy, and immediately went to the Ashram of his father, Rishi Gautama, and delightfully met his mother Ahalya nearby the Ashram of Gautama, and received blessings from her.


  1. Love your mother from your heart and pay your sincere respects to her.
  2. Even god cannot change his own fate.
  3. Thank the god for gifting this worthy life for you.
  4. Trust in god, praise him and chant his glories.
  5. Each and every moment of your life, think about the greatness of the god.
  6. God gives problems for us in order to make us to realize about him, and to develop bhakti on him.
  7. There is no limit for god’s powers.
  8. Human sufferings and happiness are the laid down principles of the god, and it cannot be changed by anyone.
  9. Never postpone your work for tomorrow, and instead of that, do it today itself.
  10. God would never abandon you alone in this world.

Let us worship this great rishi and be blessed.