Sage Subramanya


Sage Subramanya was born in a village in Tamil Nadu, before some hundred years. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, and sang many divine songs on him. He also restored the eye sight of a Muruga devotee, by praying to Lord Muruga, and he restored the lives of dead people by sprinkling the holy water from his Kamantala, and by chanting the Mantra, “OM MURUGA”.

Subramanya went to many holy temples of Lord Muruga, and he also met Sage Agastya and Arunagirinathar in the Podhigai Hills. He meditated in the Podhigai Hills for a few years, and got great spiritual powers through that. His Subramanya Kavacham was very popular among the Murugan devotees. Some of the beautiful contents present in the divine text are as follows:-

  1. Oh Lord Muruga! By seeing your divine face, all of our unwanted fears and bad thoughts are removed, and those who chant your names, would be relieved from all of their troubles in their lives.
  2. Oh Lord Muruga! You give great comfort to your devotees heal their diseases, and gives spiritual energy to them. Those who visit you at your six abodes would get your everlasting blessings in their lives.
  3. Oh Lord Muruga! You are residing in Palani Hills as a little boy, and by wearing a small piece of cloth in your body. Though you are a supreme god, you maintain great simplicity, which must be followed by us.
  4. Oh Lord Muruga! You look very beautiful, and even Lord Manmadha cannot be compared with you. Ma Valli and Ma Devasena are very fortunate goddesses by having you as their consort.
  5. Oh Lord Muruga! You have been always worshipped by the holy sages and by your devotees, and they are getting very much satisfaction by reciting your holy names, mantras and by singing songs on you.
  6. Oh Lord Muruga! You are called as the warrior god, and you have destroyed the powerful demon Surapadman, in order to maintain peace and prosperity in the entire universe.
  7. Oh Lord Muruga! I don’t want to even reside in the heaven, since I want to permanently dwell at your holy feet.
  8. Oh Lord Muruga! Your name and fame are spreading day by day, and in this difficult Kaliyuga, you are the best saviour for the people in the earth.
  9. Oh Lord Muruga! Please erase the sins committed by us, and grant us salvation after our death.