Sage Ugrashravas



Ugrashravas was an ancient sage, and he was the reciter of various holy Puranas, like Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatham, and other holy texts, in front of the sages who used to assemble in the Naimisharanya Forest. He was the son of Rishi Lomaharshana who was a noble disciple of Vyasa.

The entire Mahabharata epic was told in the form of a discussion between Ugrashravas and sage Saunaka.  Ugrashravas was a holy sage, who believes that reciting of Puranas would bring goodness to him, and hence he has interestingly done the great job. In most of the puranas, his name would be mentioned as the teller of Puranas to other sages. Since his father was a disciple of Sri Vedavyasa, it is believed that the job of telling the wonderful incidents from the puranas was assigned to him by Sri Vedavyasa. Apart from telling the details about the Puranas to the sages, he also gave valuable spiritual teachings to them, in order to spread the bhakti amongst the masses.


  1. Lord Vishnu is the great almighty, who discharges creation, protection and destructive activities in a good manner.
  2. Hearing and reading of Puranas alone would bring goodness in our lives.
  3. Don’t waste even a single second without thinking about the glory of Lord Vishnu.
  4. Spirituality can be achieved only through proper bhakti and faith.
  5. Worship your guru similar to the god, and serve him faithfully.
  6. Don’t think you are the master, since god is the only master for the entire universe.
  7. Keep hope on your life, by worshipping the god.
  8. Don’t keep too much affection on anybody in your life, instead of that, show your entire love and affection on the almighty, since he only would console you during the times of distress.
  9. Live a pious life, chant the glories of the god, sing songs on him, and surrender at his holy feet.