Sant Ramai



Sant Ramai was born in a lower class community in Assam during the 15th Century AD. He joined as a disciple to Shankardev and propagated the principles and philosophies of Vaishnavism. He also helped his Guru to start the new Ekasarana Dharma religious movement. He learned music from Shankardev and sung songs in praise of Lord Krishna.

He was a social-religious reformer and he introduced new forms of music and dance and he himself used to play as a stage artist. Similar to his Guru Shankardev, he wrote poetry and divine works written in Sanskrit and Assamese. Sant Ramai through the Bhakti movement in Assam, attracted lot of followers, and he remained as an obedient disciple to Guru Shankardev throughout in his life. Due to his bhakti, Lord Krishna had gave darshan to him and listened to his wonderful songs and blessed him.

His name and fame spread even to other kingdoms and he was highly honoured by the great kings and the scholars.

Still his spiritual contributions are available in Assam even today, and the devotees of Vishnu are quenching their spiritual thirst by reading the holy texts of Sant Ramai.


  1. The supreme god is only one, and he is called by various names and worshipped in different forms.
  2. God never differentiates his devotees with regard to their caste, creed, community and religion.
  3. God can be approached only through a proper Guru, and Guru helps us to travel in the spiritual path.
  4. Keep your mind always on Lord Krishna, and hold his holy feet on your hands, and keep singing songs on him.
  5. Help others, by providing food and taking care of the under privileged and destitute.
  6. Spread the KRISHNA BHAKTI throughout the world, and involve yourself fully in spiritual service till your death.
  7. Let your each and every breathe chant the names of Krishna, and your soul be filled up with full of spiritual thoughts on Lord Krishna.
  8. Realise that god always act in a kind manner to his sincere devotees.
  9. Eat simple food and lead a simple life.