Swami Purnananda



Sri Purnananda founded the Ramakrishna Purnananda Mutt at Asansol, West Bengal in the year 1964 to spread the Bhakti spirit of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna throughout the world. He also repaired and renovated ancient Hindu temples out of the contributions received from the Donors.

Sri Purnannada was born in Murshidabad, West Bengal in the year 1936 in a pious Hindu Bengali family. His birth name was Dalim Mukharjee. He received training in Divine subjects under the great Naga Baba, and he has become a saint through the guidance of Swami Sukhatmananda, who was one of the holy disciples of Ma Sarada Devi. He established Ramakrishna Mission centres in various places of West Bengal. One of his famous disciples is Swamy Bitchitrananda, who was a great scholar and a sincere devotee of Ma Kali Devi.

Swamy Purnananda died in the year 2014.


  1. God has given this life for you for utilizing it usefully.
  2. Past cannot be made into present.
  3. A wavering mind will kill you slowly.
  4. Give your helping hands to others, do lot of charitable works and help in the marriage of poor girls.
  5. Those who follow the path of DHARMA would be blessed by Lord Yama Dharma Bhagavan, and during the time of your death, he would take your life without causing any pain for you.
  6. Fill up your mind with full of devotional thoughts. Keep chanting the Rama Mantra from your young age. Be an honest and good person.
  7. Hear the divine discourses, in order to remove your fear.
  8. You are the decider of your fate.
  9. Removing the lust in your mind is the best for you.
  10. Avoid unnecessary tensions, and remove your ego.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.