Jhulelal (10th century) is worshipped as Kula Deva, and as the Ishta Deva by Sindhi Hindus, and also he is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Varuna, the god of oceans. They will used to frequently chant the mantra: “Jhule Lal Maharaj Ki Jai” in order to show their great respect and honour to him. His birth name was Oderolal. It is believed that due to his divine powers, even when he was a child, his cradle swing itself automatically without any one’s help. Due to that he was known by the name Jhulelal-The God of the Swing.

Jhulelal has performed many miracles, mainly near the Indus River, since he was considered as an avatar of Lord Varuna Dev. Several times, he has safeguarded the fishermen from severe floods. Sindhi’s worship Jhulelal at his shrine situated in Pakistan. One more temple dedicated to him is situated at Gujarat.

He looks very bright with golden coloured body and contains a white beard, seated on a lotus flower in the middle of a river and surrounded by fishes. He looks similar to ancient sages, and was very kind and affectionate over others. When Jhulelal was born, Lord Varuna had himself appeared in his parents dream, and informed that he himself would born as their son, for bringing good prospects in the earth.

During their travels by sea, Sindhis will used to pray to their beloved guru, guide and god, the great Jhulelal for their safe return. They offer him a kind of delicious sweet as a holy prasad.  Sindhis strongly believe that their beloved saviour is none other than the great river god, Lord Varuna. His festival is celebrated as Cheti Chand.

During his childhood, several attempts were made to kill him, by the Muslim King Mirkhshah, but due to the grace of the great Ocean God Varuna, he miraculously escaped from the death similar to Bhakt Prahalad, who was also escaped from death by the grace of Lord Vishnu, when several attempts were made to kill him.

He has safeguarded the Sindhis, when they were forced by the Muslim king, to convert them to Islam. To recognize the event and for honouring him, they are celebrating the Chalio festival.

Lord Varuna, is the god of oceans, and contains great powers. He is also considered as an aspect of Lord Vishnu. He is controlled by Lord Indra, the chief of the demi gods, and he is controlling the holy rivers such as Ganga Mata, Narmata Mata, Thungabadra Mata, Tapti Mata, Yamuna Mata, Godavari Mata and several other rivers. He contains good features, and is always ready to rescue the people from their miseries and sorrows, based on their true bhakti on him. During the times of drought, it is a practice to perform Varuna Homam in the Hindu temples to pacify the River god Varuna in order to get sufficient rain. Along with Varuna Japam, we can also recite the mantra “OM SREE INDRAYA NAMAHA”, since he is considered as the chief of the demi gods, and the controller of the great Varuna, and also recite the Krishna mantra “OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA NAMAHA” for the well-being of the entire UNIVERSE.


He has performed many miracles in the life of his devotees. He gives all kinds of prosperity to us. He relieved the people from their diseases, and protected them throughout their life from enemies and from natural calamities. Being the incarnation of the great River God Varuna, by worshipping him, we can get relieved mainly from water related diseases like cough, cold, urinary diseases, diabetes and also from several other dreaded diseases and mental related diseases and he will give us a strong physique with a sound mind. His good and sweet nature cannot be explained in full. We can keep on telling about his greatness and importance, he is such a good, great and a loveable person who always done good activities to others, and born only for the sake of giving peacefulness and happiness in the life of his devotees. He is not only a guru and a god for the Sindhis, but also considered as a saviour for the entire living beings in the earth.

Let us worship the pious saint and be blessed.