Kanua Baba



Kanua Baba is a saint of Uttar Pradesh, India, and he lived before few centuries ago. He was a kind and a noble saint who had done many wonders in the life of his devotees. He was a great devotee of Mata Durga Devi, and used to perform pujas to her at her temples. Kanua Baba was considered similar to Shirdi Baba, and he healed the diseases of the people through his divine touch. He is considered as a divine AMSA of Lord Kala Bhairava, and protects his devotees during their difficulties and dangers.

He set up an ashram in the banks of the Holy River Ganges, and peacefully meditated and done goodness to the people. He got large number of followers, and through his simple and soft approach, people were highly impressed and listened to the spiritual discourses of Kanua Baba. His teachings are based on the devotion of the holy parents Shiva and Shakti, and he insists the devotees to chant the “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra continuously in order to get good fortunes in their life.


  1. Have faith with our divine parents Shiva and Shakti in order to fill up happiness in your heart.
  2. Shiva and Shakti are the only saviours who can protect us in this difficult life.
  3. Our bad karmas can be burnt by chanting the divine names of Shiva-Shakti.
  4. Erase the bad thoughts in your mind, and fill up with full of spiritual thoughts in your mind.
  5. Don’t get interested to save more and more money. Spend a portion of your money for doing welfare activities to the poor people.
  6. Worship your father and mother, and treat them well, and provide all the necessary facilities to them.
  7. Don’t show your anger with others. Always maintain patience and behave kindly with others.
  8. Earn money only through honest ways.
  9. Consider all the women as the forms of Mata Shakti Devi and give proper respect to them.

Let us worship the noble saint and be blessed.





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