Saint Charan Das

Saint Charandas(18th century) was a great Hindu saint in Delhi. His birth name was Ranjit Singh.
Charandas was born in a village in Rajasthan in 1706. His family belonged to the Merchant community.At his younger age, he had a vision of Sage Sukha, and was blessed by him.He lived with his relatives in delhi.At his teenage, he meditated in the forest, and met Sage Sukha and become a saint through his blessings, and from then onwards he was called as “SHYAM CHARANDAS”.

Charandas practiced yoga and meditation and lived as a saint in a small cave in delhi.In 1738, he has become famous by his teachings and taught the importance of spirituality among his followers. Charandas had written many devotional works. Mostly tells about the importance of Lord Krishna. Once he had a vision of Lord Krishna while on the pilgrimage to holy temples.He was well versed in vedas, Upanishads and other spiritual texts.Charandas died in the year 1782.

1. Try to concentrate your attention on Krishna, Krishna, Krishna and nothing more else. That will do wonders for you.
2. Always give respect to others. And don’t hate others.
3. Provide food to all the living beings in the earth, since all are the creations of the god.
4. God is there in every one’s heart. And hence do good things to others.
5. Forgive others, even when they caused any harm to you.
6. Work hard and earn money through honest ways.
7. Don’t keep lot of savings with you. Do some kind of charitable activities, since that will please the divine god.
8. Read spiritual books and discuss with others, since it will boost up our spiritual energy and will get a better understanding about the god.
9. Worship your spiritual guru and serve to him, since through him only, you can reach the god.

His two famous women disciples were entirely dedicated to Lord Krishna and they have also written many songs in praise of Lord Krishna. Their names are:
1. Sahjo Bai
2. Daya Bai
He was famous for his teachings on the bhakti of Lord Krishna. He was a great poet and sung songs in praise of Lord Krishna. He was a pious and a noble saint, who dedicated his life towards devoting Lord Krishna. He got the habit of daily uttering Lord Krishna’s name for several thousands of times. Let us cultivate the bhakti spirit from him, and do good things in our life.
Let us praise him and be blessed.