Saint Maluk Das

Maluk Das was born in Allahabad, in 1574. He was also followed the principles of Saint Dadu Dayal and his disciple Sundardas. He had concentrated his attention on spiritual matters, and followed the path of Kabirdas and Guru Nanak. He also advocated the principle of one god worship. According to him, god is formless, and can be worshipped from our soul, and he is occupying in each and every thing.
He also emphasises the people to realize the god from their inner soul, and not to worship him in any other means. He was against idol worship, hindu rituals and customs and doing pujas to god. Emperor Aurangazeb realizes his importance, and gifted some villages to him.
He attained SAMADHI at the ripe age of 108 in the year 1682.
1. Worship the god from your heart, that itself will do wonders in your life.
2. Spirituality is must for every human. Develop it from your childhood itself.
3. Provide food to all the living beings in the earth. You can wipe out your sins by doing that.
4. Always follow the right path, and adopt the easy steps to achieve SALVATION.
5. Show mercy on others. In return you will be rewarded suitably by the god.
6. Before doing an act, think about its consequences, and then do it. If it is a rightful act, you can proceed further.
7. Consider yourselves as a slave to the god, and give him proper respect. You will never do any bad things in your life.
8. Give respect to others sentiments, and don’t hurt others by your harmful words.
9. Be polite, good and honest. Always stay happily by thinking and realizing the god within your soul.
People were mesmerized with his teachings and joined with him as his followers. Even other religious people were got attracted by his efficient way of teachings. He was a kind, pious and a noble saint, who never hated others and treated all the people in an equal manner. He also reduced the sufferings of the people through his soft and gentle approach. He had done many social welfare activities for the benefit of the poor and down trodden people, and fought for their welfare.
During his period, people were gathered in large numbers to listen to his great lectures, and appreciated his divine speech and also contributed lot of wealth to him. But he didn’t keep the wealth for himself, but distributed it for the welfare of the society. He is still remembered for his teachings and for kind approach among his followers. He is considered as a GREAT SAVIOUR, who has come down to this earth for doing good things to the entire UNIVERSE.

Let us worship this great saint and be blessed.