Sant Gokuldas




Sant Gokuldas was a 13th century Varkari Saint, who lived in Pandharpur by worshipping Lord Panduranga with sincerity, dedication and devotion. Gokuldas was born in a pious Brahmin family, and his father was worked in the Panduranga Temple, and he used to play Drums during the time of performance of puja to Lord Panduranga. Similar to his father, Gokuldas was also interested in Musical field, and from his young age itself, he began to compose songs on his own, and used to sing nice songs on Lord Panduranga using the Musical Instrument, Tambura.

At his young age, Gokuldas had got married with a beautiful, pious and a chaste lady, Rukminibai, and both of them lead their life spiritually, peacefully and happily, by devoting most of their time in performing bhajans on the Panduranga Temple. In course of time, Ma Rukminibai, gave birth to a beautiful son, and they have named him as “PANDURANG”, due to their utmost devotion on Lord Panduranga. Upanayana was performed to their child Pandurang at the age of seven, and similar to their parents, Pandurang also developed sincere bhakti on Lord Panduranga, and he spent his free time in doing pujas and Abhishekham to the small idol of Lord Panduranga at his home. He also regularly visited the Panduranga Temple at Pandharpur, and with joyful tears, he used to worship Lord Panduranga pleasantly.

Once when the child Pandurang was on his way to the temple, suddenly a poisonous snake bitten him on his leg, and ran away. The young child Pandurang, recited the name of the Lord, fell down on the floor and died. When his father Gokuldas came to knew about the death of his only son, Pandurang, he went straight to the temple of Panduranga, and he begged the Lord to show mercy on his lovely child in order to restore his life. He also sung several songs on Panduranga, and with great grief on his mind, he fell down at the temple floor and fainted.

After some time, due to the grace of the Lord, the divine bird Garuda arrived at the place, where Pandurang was dead, it gently pressed its nose on the leg of the Pandurang where the snake was bitten and removed the poison, restored the life of Pandurang, and flew away from that place. The young boy Pandurang got up, as if he was in deep sleep, and he went straight to the Panduranga Temple, and reached the place where his father was fainted. On seeing his son again, Gokuldas felt very happy, and both of them worshipped Panduranga with joyful tears and then they went to their home and informed about the entire incident to Ma Rukminibai. After sometime, Lord Panduranga itself appeared before them and gave his wonderful darshan to Gokuldas and his family, and in course of time, he made them to reach at his lotus feet at his holy abode, the Vaikunta.