Sant Ram Chandra

Sant Ram Chandra



Ram Chandra (1899-1983), who was also affectionately called by his followers as Babuji, was a saint from Uttar Pradesh. He was an expert in Yoga, and he founded a mission which is known as Shri Ram Chandra Mission in the year 1945, in order to teach Yoga and Meditation to the interested participants at free of cost.

Ram Chandra was born in a rich family in the year 1899 in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and his father was served as a Magistrate in a Court. After finishing his school education, he worked as a clerk in a court for more than 30 years.

Babuji learnt Yoga and meditation from his Guru, and he also wrote lot of books on Yoga, meditation and spirituality, and some of them are as follows:

  1. Reality at Dawn
  2. Importance of Raja Yoga
  3. Towards Infinity
  4. Life history of Ram Chandra

Though he has worked in the court for several years, and though he was a married person, yet, he has shown his great interest in spiritual and yoga concepts. He also gave valuable teachings to his disciples and followers, which must be considered as a useful one at this present stage of life.


Always be active and be like a sports ball.

There is no need to find a better teacher, and by the way of self-study we must understand the subjects ourselves.

Have faith in God and believe him throughout your life.

Don’t think too much about your health, since we have lot of other things to do in this world.

God has given sufficient powers to us, we must know how to effectively utilise it.

God’s creations are always wonderful, admiring and he is the one, who takes proper care of all of his creations.

Act honestly, think positively and behave properly.

If you control your mind, then you would be able to conquer the entire world.

Increase your knowledge day by day by regularly reading good spiritual books.




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