Swami Umakantanand



Swami Umakantanand was the founder of the Shriram International Charitable Trust at Haridwar, for helping the poor people, and the spiritual saints at Haridwar. He left his home at his younger age, and has become a saint at his teenage, and he learned the basic education and the Vedas and other Hindu religious texts from his guru. He went throughout India as well as abroad for giving divine lectures on the holy texts, and also taught yoga and meditation to the Indians and the Foreigners.

He used to deliver divine lectures in prestigious universities, IIT and various corporate houses, and invoked the devotion amongst the people. He went to prisons, and used to give divine lectures among the prisoners, and he tried his level best to mould them in a proper manner. He is the chief editor of the Shaswati Jyoti magazine, which contains stories from the Puranas and other spiritual matters, which is very useful for the mankind.


  1. Change is the law of the universe.
  2. The soul is eternal.
  3. Everything happens for a reason.
  4. We are all one.
  5. A good soul would not be hurt by anyone.
  6. Good thoughts can be formed in our mind, only by doing regular meditation on the god.
  7. Changing the world is not possible, but changing our mind is possible.
  8. Don’t commit sins, and don’t suffer in your life.
  9. God’s judgement would never go wrong.
  10. Love everything in this world.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.




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