Meykanda Devar



Meykandar (13th century AD) also known as Meykanda Devar, was a great shaiva saint and scholar. He had rendered a famous devotional work called as Siva Jnana Bodham which tells the importance of the shaivism sect and features the greatness of Lord Shiva. His birth name was Swethavana Perumal.


Meykandar was born in Cuddalore DistrictTamil Nadu. He was born after his parent’s deep penance on Lord Shiva at Thiruvenkadu Siva Temple. He was brought up by his uncle at Thiruvennainallur. He learnt the basic education and the hindu scriptures. At his childhood itself, he was very much attracted in spirituality and became an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. One day he met Rishi Paranjyoti, and become his disciple and from then onwards he was called as “MEYKANDAR”.

Through his guru Paranjyoti, he had acquired spiritual knowledge and become a great spiritual mentor. Due to his great spiritual knowledge, his family guru, had become his disciple. His family guru was later known as Arulnandi Sivan, and he also composed various sacred texts on shaivism. Meykandar’s several disciples were written sacred texts on the shaiva siddhantha philosophy.

“Meykandar Sampradaya” is a famous sampradaya which was flourished during his time. It tells the importance of shaivism sect. He is worshipped in the Karur Shiva temple, along with Sundarar.


Meykandar was a spiritual guru and considered as equivalent to nayanar saints. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and spent his life by doing temple services and also provided food and clothes to the devotees of Lord Shiva. He chanted the Namashivaya mantra on a daily basis and lived a saintly life. He also gave spiritual bliss to the devotees of Lord Shiva. Many people were benefitted by reading his sacred texts and by listening to his divine lectures on Lord Shiva.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.