Sri Srinivasa (1590-1640) belonged to Brahmin-Madhwa family, and was a great scholar and also an expert in sanskrit language. He was born in Bidarahalli. He also written many divine books, and lived a pious life. He was a great devotee of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy and lived during his period. His guru was Sri Yadavaaryaru. He lived in Honnali, Karnataka, and spread the importance of Dvaita philosophy of Sri Madhwacharya.

Since he was born in an orthodox family, he followed the Brahmin customs and traditions strictly and he will never take food from the outside, and will eat his food only after taking bath and worshipping Lord Rama and performing puja to him. He also performed annadana to Brahmin scholars and poor Brahmin students and also properly educated them.

Once he met Guru Raghavendra during Chaturmasya. After performing the Moola Rama pooja, Raghavendra Swamy has asked him to take food in the mutt, but he didn’t take food, since Sri Swamigal had mixed mustard seeds in the food, which was given by a devotee.  But as per the repeated request of the holy guru, he took food by neglecting the mustard seeds. And after he went home, he found that the holy rice prasad given by Sri Swamigal has turned into black colour. Next day he went back to Sri Swamigal and apologized for his mistake, and again received the holy rice prasad. Sri Swamigal also read the works of Srinivasa and appreciated him for his great knowledge. Sri Swamigal renamed him as Srinivasa Thirtha.


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Though he was a great scholar, he didn’t get any pride, and lived a holy life. He dedicated his life towards performing puja on Lord Vishnu, and learning and reading Vedas, and conducting lectures in the Vishnu temples, and spread the dwaita philosophy among the people. Through the grace of Guru Raghavendra, he has become a great scholar, and a famous pundit. He also advised the people to chant the Narayana Mantra “OM NAMO NARAYANAYA NAMAHA” on a continuous basis, in order to get relieved from their sins and also to get relieved from their various problems and diseases. Through his wisdom and knowledge, he was admired by the kings and the common man.

Let us worship the holy guru and be blessed.