Jalaram Bapa(1799-1881) also known as Bapa was a  Gujarati Saint, and a great Ram devotee.


Jalaram Bapa was born in Virpur, Rajkot district, Gujarat, in the year 1799. Jalaram Bapa was initially looked after his father’s business. At his younger age, he got married with a pious and a good natured girl Virbai. After some time, he went to holy pilgrimages for several months, and after that Jalaram Bapa became the disciple of Bhojalram. Soon he had started an annadan center, and provided free food to the poor saints and the poor people and he also distributed free clothes to the poor people, and provided shelters to them.

One day he got the deity of Lord Rama from a saint, and he worshipped the idol of Lord Rama and considered it as his family deity and also got a self-emanated idol of Hanuman along with the idol of Sita and Lakshmana from the earth. The food grains godown at his annadan centre also miraculously started filling up with full of grains, even after utilising the entire grains kept in the godown.

Due to his great powers, his fame was spread throughout the region. He will used to feed food to the people belonging to different religions also with utmost care and affection, and serve them with wholesome food, and will not leave them from their seat until their belly were filled up with full of food. He is such a kind of good person, which we can’t even imagine in this today’s selfish world.

He cured the physical and the mental diseases of the people by praying to Lord Rama. He was also tested by the god, for several times, and he got succeeded in all the tests given by the god. Even at the time of his death in the year 1881, he chanted the “RAMA MANTRA” “JAI SREE RAM” and attained “SALVATION”.

The main shrine of Jalaram Bapa is located at Virpur. Jalaram Bapa’s descendants are now heading the popular Virpur shrine of Jalaram Bapa. The shrine was built in his house where he previously lived during his life time. Even today, lot of devotees from all parts of India are visiting his holy shrine and got blessed. Jalaram Bapa’s birthday is celebrated in the month of Kartika as Jalaram Jayanti. During his birthday, devotees are served with free food, and the festival would be celebrated in a grand manner. Several temples of Jalaram Bapa can be found throughout India. His temples are found even in some of the foreign countries.


He lived an honest and a holy life throughout in his life. Though he got married, he spent his attention on devoting to the god, and also done lot of social welfare activities. He is worshipped as a divine saint, due to his divine powers, which he has shown during his life time. It is also believed that those who worship him from their place itself will get their prayers answered and their wishes will get fulfilled.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.






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