Sai Baba



Shirdi Baba is a 20th century saint who lived in the Shirdi village at Maharashtra. He lived a very simple and noble life, and dedicated his entire life for doing goodness to others. He had his food by taking alms, and with his followers like Mahalsapathi, Tatya Patel and Abdul Baba, he spent most of his time in a mosque known as Dwarakamai. He has attained Samadhi at Shirdi in the year 1918, and in that place, a beautiful shrine has been constructed. He is welcoming his devotees from his Samadhi Shrine, and daily, lot of devotees are visiting his holy shrine in order to get the divine grace of Baba, and free food is offered to all the devotees at Shirdi.

Even though he left his physical body, still he is blessing the devotees from his Samadhi Shrine. Nowadays lot of small and big temples of Shirdi Baba have been constructed throughout the world for the benefit of the Sai devotees.

Sai Baba had done his level best in order to unite the Hindus and Muslims. He stayed in a mosque, and worshipped Allah, at the same time he attended the Rama Navami Festival also. The verses from the Holy Quran would be recited by his devotees in the mosque, and still such a practice is exists in Shirdi and also in some branches of Sai Baba Temples.

Sai Baba removes the diseases of the devotees, solves their problems, and acts as a best guardian to them. We can see lot of devotees in the temples of Sai Baba during Thursdays. Guru Poornima and Vijaya Dasami festivals would be celebrated in the Sai Baba temples in a grand manner. Sai Baba used to give (UDHI) sacred ash to his devotees for curing their diseases and for making them into healthier persons. He would request his devotees to donate some money to him, in order to remove their sins. He knows about the past, present and future life of his devotees, through his spiritual powers, and based on that, he would give valuable advices to his devotees.

Still lot of devotees feel that the presence of Sai Baba is there everywhere. In some houses of the devotees, sacred ash would appear miraculously in front of his picture. He is doing this miracle, in order to chase away the evil spirits from the houses of the devotees, and also gives prosperity to them.

By visiting Sai Baba temples, we can get a pleasant feeling in our mind, and due to that, we would be able to do our work cheerfully and efficiently.

Once in a month, I used to visit Sai Baba Temple at Agaram, Peravallur, and would offer food grains as donation.

Let us make the regular habit of visiting Sai Temples, especially during Thursdays, and other festival days.







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