Sri Balamuruganadimai



During March 20, 1968, the priest at the Ratnagiri Hill Temple, Vellore, decided to stop doing the morning puja, since he didn’t get his salary for the last few months. At that time, a young man, one Mr.Satchidanandam went into the temple for his usual morning worship, and he was shocked when he found the temple lamps are not lit, and also fresh flowers had not been adorned to the deities.

After knowing about the condition of the poor priest, he got pity on him, and due to that he stood before the Deity and began to pray. While praying, he felt some Shakti was entering in his body, and due to that he had got great spiritual powers. He also witnessed the division vision of Lord Muruga for a few seconds, and he was totally surrendered into the lotus feet of Lord Muruga.

From then onwards, he began to stay at the Ratnagiri Temple, and also renovated the temple, and settled the dues of the poor temple priest with the money collected from the devotees. Due to his selfless service to Lord Muruga, the nearby villagers began to call him as Balamurugan Adimai, which means slave to the child god Muruga.

Daily he used to wake up early in the morning, and would go for sleep only after midnight. Throughout the day, he used to perform divine service to Lord Muruga, by collecting flower for puja, arranging food for the devotees, helping the temple priest during his work, and used to bless the devotees of Muruga, and also done many miracles in the life of the Muruga Devotees, like healing their diseases, removing the fear from their mind, and making them to concentrate their attention on worshipping Lord Muruga.

Swamiji also helped the sculptors while sculpting the idols, and also used to supervise their work. He himself would do paintings in the temple, and also would clean the temple premises with the help of the servants. He has constructed a school, hospital and also dug wells, and he used to help in the marriage of the poor girls by providing financial support to them.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.