Abirami Pattar was the 18th century Hindu saint from Tamil Nadu. His birth name was SubramaniyaIyer. He is the author of Abhirami Anthadhi.
SubramaniyaIyer was born in the village of Thirukadaiyur. Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple is situated at Thirukkadaiyur. SubramaniyaIyer was a staunch devotee of goddess Abirami from his childhood days.
Once, the King of that place visited the Amritaghateswarartemple, and he approached SubramaniyaIyer, who was the priest of that temple, and asked him whether that day was Amavasya or pournami. Actually, that day was Amavasya, but due to the great devotion on the goddess, SubramaniyaIyercould not see anything before him, but only the vision of the goddess was appearing before his eyes, and he wrongly answered that day was pournami. The king has given the time till night, and warned him, that he will kill him if the full moon did not appear on the sky in the night.
SubramaniyaIyerhas written 79 hymns in praise of Goddess Abhirami, and goddess manifested before him and threw her earring over the sky, and it was shining in the sky.SubramaniyaIyerwith much joy, has formed 21 more lines in recognition of the Goddess.
The king realized his mistake and immediately revoked his punishment, and also granted the title of “Abirami Pattar” to SubramaniyaIyer.
He developed a great devotion to goddess Abirami by meditating in the temple and singing her praises. We should also develop the same bhakti similar to that of Abiramipattar, and invoke it to other devotees also. Through his great bhakti, he has changed the uncertain into certain. This has happened because of his unselfish bhakti on the goddess. Let us learn from him, the essence of bhakti he has applied to the goddess, and we also have to cultivate ourselves, the habit of going to temples frequently and worship the gods and the goddesses. We should do worship as a regular exercise. If once our wishes are fulfilled, we should not forget about god, and after then, we should apply more bhakti and faith in god.
Let us pray to the great Abirami Pattar and goddess Abirami for our life and be blessed.