Ezhuthachan – Saint

Ezhuthachan(1495-1575) was a Malayalam saint and a poet. He is also known as the father of Malayalam language.

Ezhuthachan was born in Trikkandiyoor. At a younger age, he became a saint and traveled throughout southern India, and settled finally at Palakkad.
He has contributed a lot towards the Malayalam language. Ezhuthachan translated, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, to Malayalam in a very simple manner, so that even a common man will be able to read it. He got great skills in writings poems and was a great scholar in Malayalam.

Ezhuthachanstrongly invoked the Bhakti movement in Kerala. In his name, literary honor awards are presented by the Kerala government, and it is known as the “EzhuthachanPuraskaram”.
NarayanaPattathiri who was the author of Narayaneeyam, was a friend of Ezhuthachan, and it is said that Ezhuthachanhas helped Pattathiri in writing his famous text Narayaneeyam, and he has asked him to write his text by beginning withMatsyaavatara(Fish avatar of Lord Vishnu), and then to proceed the remaining avatars of Lord Vishnu, and after that explaining the childhood glorious deeds of Lord Krishna in a detailed and attractive manner.

Ezhuthachan was a great poet and a devotee of both Lord Vishnu and Shiva. He treated both of the gods as the same. He has chosen the path of spirituality and attained great success in his life. Let us worship this great poet and be blessed.