Gauri Ma (1857–1938) was a great disciple of Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi and she was the founder of the Saradeswari Ashram, Kolkata. Her birth name was Mridani.
Gauri Ma was not interested in worldly affairs, and hence she has become a saint, and she was fondly called by Ramakrishna as Gauri Ma.
Gauri Ma was born in Sibpur, Howrah. She developed interest towards spirituality from her younger age itself. She considered herself as the devotee of Lord Krishna, and began to worship him with full of devotion in mind. She used to perform puja to Lord Krishna in the temples and at the Ashram.
After some time, she undertook pilgrimage to various holy Krishna temples throughout India. She got great interest in reading Hindu spiritual texts, and used to do yoga and meditation.
Gauri Ma used to serve in a wonderful manner to Guru Ramakrishna and Mata Sarada Devi, and prepare delicious food for them.
Through the Saradeswari Ashram, she has performed lot of charitable services to the poor village people. She also used to feed cooked food to the poor children by visiting their houses, and taught basic education to them. And she helped in the marriage of the poor village girls by providing financial aid through the donations received from the rich people. Due to her noble service, she was highly praised by Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi.
She continuously served the society till her death, and she left her physical body in the year 1938.
Let us worship the noble saint and be blessed.