Gopala Dasa
(1721–1769), was a famous saint belonging to the Madhva tradition. He preached the Dvaita philosophy ofMadhvacharya in South India through his various devotional songs.

Gopala Dasa birth name was “Bhaganna”. He was born in a village at Karnataka. Gopala Dasa became a disciple of Vijaya Dasa and was a great composer of devotional songs. He is well known in various kinds of arts. He composed bhakti songs in praise of the Lord Vishnu.

Once JagannathaDasa was invited by Madhva Philosopher VijayaDasa to dine with him. JagannathaDasawho was a great scholar in Sanskrit, avoided taking food with him and lied to him that he is having stomach pain. Soon JaganathaDasa began to suffer from stomach pain. Jagannatha Dasa was relieved from stomach pain by GopalaDasa, who was also a great saint following the philosophy of Madhva. Gopaladasa soon realized his mistake and become a great Madhvasaint and preached the philosophies of Madhvacharya throughout the country.

Gopala Dasa, who was a great saint, and an ardent devotee of Lord Hari, was the main person in spreading the Madhav philosophy among the masses. He has cured the diseases of his devotees and spread the importance of devotion among the masses. He relieved the sins of his devotees through his sincere worship of Lord Hari. His devotees were gathered in a group to attend his divine concerts, during his period. They have deeply involved in “HARI BHAKTI” through his devotional songs. Let us worship this great devotee of Lord Hari and chant his name and be blessed.