Jagannatha Dasa

Jagannatha Dasa (1728–1809), was born in Karnataka state, was a famous saint in India. He was also a great scholar in Sanskrit.
His birth name was Srinivasacharya. He wrote several devotional songs in praise of Lord Hari. His work Harikathamritasara, was considered as a popular divine work, and it was praised by the “HARI BHAKTAS” as if the Original Divine Fluid (Amirtham) was flown into their ears, and it was well accepted by the people.

He concentrated his entire time on the devotion of Lord Hari, and on composing various divine songs in praise of Lord Hari.


During the period of JagannathaDasa, Hari Bhakti movement was invoked among the people in full swing. And mainly it was inculcated in the holy town of Mantralayam, which was the holy abode of the great saint Guru Raghavendra, who is in Jeeva Samadhi, and showering his grace to his devotees, and doing miracles in their life.

Jagannatha Dasa, who was once avoided to dine with VijayaDasa, was severely developed with stomach pain, and then he visited GopalaDasa and was cured by him.JagannathaDasabecame a disciple of GopalaDasa, and began to compose songs in praise of Lord Vishnu.


Jagannatha Dasa was a great scholar and talented in all arts. He was a spiritual guru and acted as a guide to his devotees. Jagannatha Dasa shows the right path to his devotees by asking them to concentrate their entire attention only towards “LORD HARI” and not on otherworldly pleasures.

He advised his followers to sincerely worship Lord Hari to enter into the path of “SALVATION”. He strongly advocated the spiritual path among his followers.


Sri JagannathaDasaru who was popular in composing divine songs on Lord Hari, and also a great saint, occupied a key role towards spreading the devotion among the people. He taught the principles of Hinduism in a simple manner, which can be easily followed by the common people. Let us worship this great saint with pure bhakti in mind, and chant his name and be blessed.