Korakkar is one of the 18 siddhars of Tamilnadu.
His birthplace is at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Agathiyar and Bogar were his gurus. His Jeeva samadhi temple is situated in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu.
His other temples are located at Perur, Thiruchendur, and Triconamalli. Korakkar caves are found in Saturagiri and Kolli Hills.

1. Korakkar Malai Vagatam
2. MalaiVaakadam
3. KorakkarVaippu
4. Kaalamegam
5. MaraliVaradham
6. Nilaiyodukam
7. Chandhira Regai Nool

Like other Siddhas, Korakkar has written songs on Siddha Medicine. And he has occupied a major place in the field of SIDDHA. He was very famous among the Siddha doctors.
Korakkar was a great siddhar, who was able to cure many diseases of the people. Through his books, the Siddha doctors are able to locate the correct medicines for the diseases, and they are able to cure the diseases of the people. Korakkar has predicted the future events and written in the book which was popularly known as “CHANDRAREGAI”. This book was very much simplified and easy to understand by anyone when compared to other siddhars books. It is believed that he will again take birth and guide the people towards spirituality. A cave where he was meditated is located in Sathuragiri village at Tamil Nadu.

Korakkar was a great Siddha who was born for the sake of us, and who guided us for moving towards the path of spirituality, and who has cured and is still curing many dreaded diseases of his devotees, was a “MAHA SIDDHA PURUSHA”. His main importance is, he was very much worried about the sufferings of the people in this “KALI YUGA”, and has tried to sort out of their problems at his level best through his books. Let us pray to this great siddhar, and be blessed.