Dhanvantri is an Ayurvedic god and worshipped widely all over India as a god of medicine. He has emerged from the Ocean with Amirtha(Divine immortal drink of the devas) on his hand. His birthday is celebrated as Dhanterasall over India, especially by north Indians. This festival will be celebrated before Deepavali, and mainly by north Indian jewelry shops, who will celebrate it in a grand manner similar to that of Akshaya Tritiya.

Dhanvantri is a divine god and he is considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is having four hands. He is believed to be the reliever of various diseases of his devotees. Generally, in temples, Dhanvantrihomam will be performed by the devotees for attaining good health for them. Several thousands of years before, he is said to have incarnated with the same name ‘DHANVANTRI’ and occupied the court of King Vikramaditya as his minister. He is said to have cured various diseases of his sincere devotees. He is very much praised in the field of Ayurvedic.

The following temples are dedicated to Lord Dhanvantri:-
1.Dhanvantri temple at Maharashtra.
2.The ThottuvaDhanvantri temple in Kerala.
3. In Sri Srirangam Temple, there is a separate Dhanvantri shrine.
4. Dhanvantri shrine is found in VaradarajaPerumal Temple, Kanchipuram.
5.NelluvaiDhanvantri Temple, Kerala
6.SriDhanvantriArogyaPeedam, Vellore District, Tamilnadu.
7.SreeDhanvantri Temple, Kottayam, Kerala.
8.AanakkalDhanvantri Temple, Thrissur.
9.SreeDhanvantri Temple, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
10.SreeDhanvantri Temple, Maruthorvattom, Cherthala, Kerala.
11.SreeDhanvantri Temple, Alleppey, Kerala.
12.SreeDhanvantriTemple, Pathanamthitta, Kerala.
13.ShriAalkkalmannaDhanvantri Temple is situated at Malappuram District.
14.SriMurrariDhanvantriMoorthiKshetram temple in Kollam district.
15.ShriDhanvantri Temple, Kochi, Kerala.

Dhanvantri, being a great god of ayurvedic, is very much attracted by his devotees, towards curing their diseases. His worship is there in India for several thousands of years. For running a proper life, we need good health, and by worshipping him with pure bhakti, we can get proper health and can properly do our duties.
Without proper health, we can’t survive in our life, and we can’t properly work and earn money anywhere in this world. Hence HEALTH is WEALTH. If we have proper health, we can earn wealth. This can be done by praying sincerely to Lord Dhanvantri. Let us pray to him with sincere devotion, and chant his name continuously forever, and be happy with good health and wealth.

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