Vitoba Swamigal was born during 19th century AD at Chennai, and he belongs to the Langar Caste, those who take tailoring as their main occupation. He was devoted to the god from his childhood.


Even at a younger age, he will be used to sit in a mutt, built by his father, and chant god’s names. Even after he got admitted to the school, he will sit silently and chant god’s names. He has thrown out from the school at the age of 14, and after that, he began wandering all over the streets, but with full of bhakti towards god on his mind. After some time, he left his place and came to Polur. There he was provided with food by a pious lady.

He will not take proper food. He will ask people to get water and nose powder for him. Sometimes, he will drink drainage water also. He treated all the food and drinks as alike. He has not differentiated between good and bad food. He was a great Yogi.


He has cured the diseases of his devotees. Those who suffered from stomach ache and from severe chronic diseases were got the blessings of Vitoba swamigal and got relieved from their health problems. He observed strict silence and replied to his devotees only through actions. Sri Vithoba Swamigal’sMaha Samadhi is located at Polur, 34 km from Thiruvannamalai.


Swami Vitoba was a great saint who has reached the divine world after his departure from this world. He was a great person, who took care of his devotees and made them enter into the path of spirituality. He is still answering our prayers from the divine world. Let us worship him with sincere devotion, and chant his name and be blessed.