Ram Thakur



Ramthakur (1860–1949) was a spiritual saint of the 19th-century India. His birth name was Ram Chandra Chakraborty. Ram Thakur is the divine gift given by the god for moulding us in a better shape, and to turn us in the spiritual path. Sri Ramthakur was born in the year 1860 A.D in a pious Brahman family at Bangladesh.  Sri Ramthakur is a great yogi, and he disliked in living as a normal human, and hence he moved in the spiritual path. He changed the bad habits of the people through his good divine lectures, and people were loved him for his divine qualities. He also solved the problems of the people, healed their diseases, and relieved them from their sins. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram, and he used to recite the Rama Mantra for at least 1000 times on a daily basis during his life time. He attained the lotus feet of Lord Ram during the year 1949.


  1. Rama mantra is very powerful, and by chanting it regularly, people would get relieved from their mental as well as from their physical diseases.
  2. Similar to Hanumanji, we must keep sincere bhakti on Lord Rama. Discuss with your family members, friends and with your well-wishers about the greatness of the almighty.
  3. Allocate sufficient time to do puja, meditation and prayers to the god, and don’t postpone it to your old age, since our life can end at any time.
  4. Based on the illusion, our life is kept changing. In order to live a happy life, let us tightly hold the lotus legs of Lord Ram.
  5. Realize the presence of Lord Ram anywhere and everywhere in this world, and feel his divine presence in your heart also.
  6. God is ready to help us, but we must have to open our mouth and patiently tell our difficulties to the almighty.
  7. Thank Lord Ram before eating your food.