Saint Pattinathar was born in 14th century’s Thiruvengadarat Kaveripoompattinam. He belongs to a wealthy merchant family, and he was doing his family business, before attaining sainthood.

After reaching a certain age, he took up his family business, and once his father has sent him with goods through the ship for doing business. But, Pattinathar just brought back sacks full of paddy husks. The angry father was very much disappointed with him, and locked him in a room and went to the harbor and threw the husks out. He was very much astonished to see that they were all gold. Immediately he went home to see his son. He was not in the locked room. He was disappeared from the room, and before disappearing, he gave to his mother a small box and asked her to give it to his father. In the box, there was a palm-leaf manuscript and a needle without an eyelet. On the script, the following words were printed:
“Not even an eyeless needle will accompany us in the final journey of life.”
Pattinathar realized the god and left everything – his wife, his wealth and his child. He was wearing a small piece of cloth. He sang many spiritual songs for the people towards leading them to spirituality. He sang about human life which suits to the common man. He insisted not to be attached to the body and other pleasures in the world, since everything will get perished in course of time and asked the people to keep on thinking about god and to surrender at his feet.
Pattinathar worshiped Shiva at the Srikalahasti temple. The Pattinathar Samadhi is a very famous one and also is a landmark which is located in Tiruvottiyur.

An idol for Pattinathar is found inside the temple of NandrudayaanVinayagar temple located at Trichy. Bharthari was a King of Ujjain and he later became a disciple of Pattinathar and got mukthi (Salvation) in Kalahasthi temple.

SaintPattinathar who was not attached to the worldly pleasures, and who left everything and he was a great Shiva devotee. Through his life and from his teachings, we can know that nothing is going to come with us after we leave our body. Hence true devotion with god is the most important one. We should concentrate our attention on god by continuously chanting his mantra to attain SALVATION similar to that of Saint Pattinathar. Let us worship him with sincere devotion and chant his holy name and be blessed.

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