Sri Sudhindra Tirtha


Sudhindra Tirtha (1596-1623) was an eminent Dvaita philosopher and the pontiff of the matha at Kumbakonam. Most of his written works deal with poetry and drama, which is considered unique in the history of Dvaita literature. He is a disciple of Vijayendra Tirtha and he mentered Guru Raghavendra Tirtha, who subsequently succeeded him as the pontiff of the matha at Kumbakonam. His works are characterised by simplicity.


Information about his life mainly comes from Raghavendra Vijaya by Narayanacharya. His early life is unknown. He served as a disciple of Vijayendra Tirtha, whom he later succeeded as the pontiff of the matha at Kumbakonam in 1596. He received patronage by the rulers Venkatapati Raya of Vijayanagara and Raghunatha Nayaka of Tanjavur, by indicating him as a holy man. Raghavendra Vijaya tells us about Sudhindra, who mentors and grooms the young Venkatanatha (known later as Sri Raghavendra Tirtha), to take up sanyasa and succeed him as the pontiff. Sudhindra died in 1623 and his mortal remains are enshrined in Navabrindavana in Hampi at Karnataka.

Devotional works

His main devotional works are as follows:-
1.Sadyukthi Ratnagara
2.Apastamba Shulbasootrapradepa
3.Commentry on second,eleventh skandas of Bhagavatha.
Apart from the above, he has written several literary books also.


Sri Sudheendra Teertha has done lot of miracles. Once he brought rain in a drought area and converted day to night. He has done all these by the divine grace of ‘Lord Hari’. He has blessed childless people for having children, and relieved people from various diseases and brought happiness in their homes.


Sudhindra Tirtha studied all the shastras without much difficulty, and he attained the knowledge through his guru ‘Sri Vijayendra Tirtha’. The saint was well versed in shaddarshana( A form of Asana). Apart from his various writings, Sri Sudheendra theertha used to do puja to the holy dieties. Sri Sudheendra thirtha was blessed with the appearance of Sri Rama in his dream, and he was instructed by Sri Rama to give the name “Sri Raghavendra theertha” to Venkatanatha.
He taught Sri Raghavendra Tirtha in various spiritual subjects, and blessed him to take sanyasa. He is having the credit of introducting a great madhwa saint ‘GURU RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIGAL’ who is regarded as Kaliyuga Kamadhenu( A wish fulfilling cow) and kalpavriksha(A wish fulfilling tree) and who is widely worshipped not only by madhwas, but also by all the people in this world, without any discrimination in caste,creed or religion.


Sri Sudhindra Tirtha, who was the great guru of Sri Raghavendra tirtha, is still active in his brindavan and gives boon to his devotees. Like Raghavendra Tirtha, he has done lot of miracles in the life of his devotees. He is still listening to our prayers from his brindavan, and protecting us from all sorts of difficulties, and giving us all the needs by praying to Lord Rama. Let us worship the great guru and chant his nama ‘OM SRI SUDHINDRA TIRTHARE NAMAHA’.


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