Vasudevanand Saraswati


Vasudevanand Saraswati (1854–1914), is a great saint and lived a simple and pious life throughout his life. He is also considered as an avatar of Lord Dattareya, and also known as Tembe Swami.

His father was a noble Brahmin scholar who worked as a priest in the Gangapur temple in Karnataka. His mother also helped his father in doing puja at their home and provided wholesome meals to the devotees of Lord Dattatreya on a daily basis. After some time, due to the instructions of Lord Dattatreya, his father returned to Mangaon and soon after that the great Vasudev was born at  Mangaon, Maharashtra.

He attended the village schooling and completed his basic education. He was also mastered in all regional languages, and an expert in Vedas, Puranas and other divine scriptures. At his teenage, he got married to Annapurna from Ranjangad, who was a good natured lady, and helped her husband in his regular activities. He constructed a Datta Temple in Mangaon in the year 1883, due to the grace of Lord Dattatreya.

He travelled throughout the country for several years, and spread the “DATTA BHAKTI SPIRIT” among the masses. He was against caste discrimination. He conducted devotional lectures in many parts of India, and relieved the diseases and problems of the people, through his holy touch.


  1. Dwisahastri Gurucharitra
  2. Datta Puran
  3. Datta Mahatmya
  4. Saptashati Gurucharitra Saar

After the death of his wife 1891, he has become a saint at the banks of the Holy River Mata Godavari, and thereafter the great Guru and saint,   Sri Narayanand Saraswati met him and blessed him.

In 1905, he met Sri Gajanan Maharaj at Shegaon, and discussed about religious matters with great cheerfulness and happiness, since both of them are considered as divine avatars. It is said, that he also met Swami Samarth and Shirbi Sai Baba, avatars of Dattatreya, and discussed about spiritual matters with them.

He also used to worship and interact with Holy river goddesses, Lord Krishna and with Chiranjeevi and Shiva Devotee Mahabharat Ashvatthama. He was also praised by all other saints for his great power, during his period.


  1. Try to take bath in the holy rivers.
  2. Offer regular prayers to the god.
  3. Perform puja and abhishekham to the gods and goddess.
  4. Regularly conduct Yagnas (Fire Sacrifice) for the welfare of the entire nation.
  5. Provide proper food to the poor and the needy.
  6. Take care of cows and feed them properly.
  7. Attend religious discourses on Ramayan, Gita and Bhagavatham.
  8. Move with others in a gentle and kind manner, and don’t harm others either by physically or mentally.
  9. Give respect and take care of your parents properly.

He died in the year 1914, and a shrine was built at his Samadhi at Garudeshwar, Gujarat, nearby a popular Datta Temple.


A great saint, who contains all the good qualities and relieved the people from their sins, and invoked them in chanting the names of Lord Datta. He lived a noble life, and worshipped by thousands of his devotees and followers, and properly guided the people, and gave various suggestions to come out from their family and enemy related problems, and won their hearts.

Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.