Vijaya Dasa(1682–1755), was a great saint from Karnataka, India. He spread the importance of the philosophy of Madhwacharya across South India through his devotional songs.
Vijaya Dasa was born in a Brahmin family in Karnataka. At a younger age, he went to Varanasi and studied Sanskrit. He became a scholar in Varanasi. Through the divine grace of Sri PurandaraDasa, he has become a famous saint and he was called as VijayaDasaru, and he occupied an important role in spreading Dvaita teachings.

Through his great divine compositions, he was regarded as a great scholar among all the people. And he was well versed in Kannada literature.
He performed many miracles in the life of his devotees and made them live happily. He has turned the uneducated person into an educated person, cured the diseases of the people, spreading the bhakti movement of Lord Narayana. According to him, only due to the divine grace of Lord Narayana, he has performed the miracles in the life of his devotees. He is considered as the spiritual heir of the Great Saint Purandara Dasa and also considered as an incarnation of Bhrigu Maharishi.

He practiced the habit of singing devotional songs and chanting of god’s name amongst the people. According to him, the impossible can be made into a possible, by chanting the glory of God’s name, and to get deeply attached with him. He was the main saint in spreading the importance of Lord Narayanathrough his famous compositions, which was developed and sung by him.

A great and a kind-hearted saint, who took birth for the welfare of the people, and for spreading the importance of “HARI BHAKTI” among the masses. During his period, he solved the problems of the people and turned their sorrow into joy. He has given them health, wealth and happiness in their life. Let us worship this great saint and chant his name and be blessed forever.