Yadavacharya(1580-1630) was a great saint of the Dwaita Sect. He is the follower of Uttaradi Mutt and the disciple of Vedesa Bhiksu.

His birth name was Yadupati, and he was born in Kannada Brahmin family in a village at Belgaum district. His father name is Yadappayya.


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He got good knowledge in all the subjects and was an expert in vedas, Upanishads and puranas. He was a great scholar and a master in all kinds of art. From his childhood, he has concentrated his attention only on spiritual matters, and was distinct from other children. Instead of playing with the children, he will used to chant the names of the gods, perform puja at his home, and used to visit the temple regularly. He got the divine knowledge through the grace of Mata Saraswati. It is believed that he had got the darshan of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna in his dream, and they have directed him to travel in the spiritual path.


He showed great respect with everyone and treated everyone as equal and contains a kind approach towards others. He also spread the philosophy of Guru Madhwa throughout the region. He got the habit of doing charitable services like providing food to the poor, and provided timely help to others.

Through his great powers, he removed the difficulties of the people, and made them to breathe easily in this world. He also won in the debates, and was praised by several scholars. Similar to Guru Raghavendra, he was also a kind and a blessed person and was keen in doing service to the god and to the mankind. He was good in meditation and yoga and also took only simple food and observed fasting on certain auspicious days. His greatness cannot be described in full. He is such a good and a noble person, who got the opportunity of serving the god.

Let us worship the divine saint and be blessed.





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