Sant Gopal Das



Sant Gopal Das, aged 39, who was born in North India, is a devotee of Mata Ganga Devi, and he has observed fasting to clean the polluted River Ganges for a few days. Later he was admitted in a Hospital at Delhi, and after giving him sufficient treatment he was discharged from the hospital. Various activists and his associates are also fighting along with him to get a clean and purified Ganga, by removing the garbage from the river.

Gopal Das is a devotee of Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati and Ma Ganga, and he used to frequently visit the Kasi Viswanath Temple at Varanasi. Gopal Das is interested in spirituality from his young age itself, and he participated in people’s welfare, and fought for the people with regard to various social issues, and he is against caste discrimination. He learned the divine subjects from a scholar at Varanasi, and become a Shaivite saint and lived in Varanasi.  Similar to other Hindu activists like G.D.Agarwal, he also tried his level best to clean the polluted Ganga, in order to establish the sanctity of the Holy River. According to him, since the Holy River Ganges removes the sins of the devotees, and gives them all kinds of prosperities, it is a must for us to look after the present condition of the Holy River, and to take effective steps by the people and the government, to cleanse the holy river.

In General, River Ganges is an ancient river, and in the ancient period, it was brought to the earth by the great king Bhageeratha, due to the grace of Lord Shiva, and after doing severe penance on Lord Shiva. Bringing the holy river from the upper world to the earth is a very difficult task, and we must know about the significance of Holy Mother Ganga. She is considered as a very powerful goddess, and an aspect of Ma Shakti, who would remove the bad habits like lust, anger and fear from us, and would give spiritual energy, and make us to live our life comfortably.