Sant Mat



Sant Mat was a spiritual movement started in India during the 13th century AD. Sant means saint, and the meaning for Sant Mat means “teachings of the great saints”. Through the teachings of the saints, a movement was formed, and the saints who are the followers of the Sant Mat are apart from caste, creed, gender and religion, and they are very affectionate with the people.

Sants are originated from the states of PunjabRajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The sants are considered as the holy saviours who have been sent by the god, for maintaining peace and prosperity in the world through their precious teachings. The Sant Mat movement was based on bhakti, and the poet-sants expressed their teachings by way of surrendering us to the holy feet of the almighty.

Mira Bai, Tuslidas, Surdas, Tukaram, Namdev,  Ramananda, Guru Nanak, Kabir and Ravidas are considered as the best sant saints and they are considered as the popular saints.

Bhajans were performed on Lord Krishna by the famous sants such as Mira Bai, Tukaram, Surdas and Namdev to express their sincere devotion on the great Lord Krishna. The Sindhi poets and saints who are the worshippers of Lord Jhulelal Maharaj are also considered as sants, and the Radha Soami movement in North India also gained world-wide attraction through its simple teachings on the almighty.


  1. Even a small drop of water can become a big ocean through the grace of the god.
  2. Believe that Lord is within you.
  3. Have faith on god.
  4. People may find fault on you, but god never does, and he always acts kindly on us.
  5. God is seeing only our true bhakti and not seeing our caste, creed or community.
  6. Just by merely chanting the names of the god, he would immediately present before us.
  7. Gain your spiritual power by continuously worshipping the great almighty.
  8. God is the only saviour who can protect us from the problems in our life.
  9. God is not expecting huge wealth from us, but he is expecting only a true bhakti from us.
  10. The sun and the moon are the two eyes of the god, and we have to worship them regularly.

Let us praise the glories of the great Lord Krishna and be blessed.