Sant Shri Dulan Das



Sant Shri Dulan Das Ji was the sincere disciple of Sant Jagjivan Das, the founder of the Satnam sect and he was born in the year 1717 in a village in Rae Bareli district, Uttar Pradesh. His birth name was Satnam Sirmaur.

He had attained sainthood under his Guru Samarth Saheb Jagjivan Das, and from then onwards he was doing spiritual service as well as serving his Guru. After a few years, he went to Dharma Dham near Mohenganj, Uttar Pradesh and constructed an ashram and became a famous saint and got good name and fame. He had completely removed the ego spirit and attained enlightenment.

His most important disciples are:

1) Shri Saheb Siddha Das

(2) Shri Saheb Tomar Das

(3) Shri Saheb Dhaku Das

(4) Shri Saheb Ghasidas

(5) Alp Das

Sant Dulandas was against caste discrimination, and it is believed that he lived for more than 120 years.

After the Mahasamadhi of Samarth Saheb Dulan Das, a Samadhi shrine was constructed at his ashram at UP, and still now lot of his devotees are visiting the holy shrine and getting his divine blessings.


  1. God always protects the good ones.
  2. Do not speak badly about others.
  3. Don’t be lazy and spend your time productively.
  4. God is merciful to all.
  5. One has to give respect to his spiritual guru, and act as per his advices.
  6. The importance of the light can be known only during darkness.
  7. Without right living, right thinking will never happen.
  8. Live a pious life as per the teachings of the great saints.
  9. Don’t waste even a single minute without chanting the names of the Lord.
  10. Be kind with others.

Let us praise the great saint and be blessed.





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