Shakatapuram, is a holy place for Hindus, and it is located in Karnataka, near Sringeri  on the banks of the Holy River Ma Tungabadra. A famous Mutt called Shri Vidya Peetam is located at Shakatapuram, and consecration ritual is also done to this holy Mutt.

Sri Krishnananda Teertha Swamigal is a holy saint, who contains very good nature, and he used to share his Vedic knowledge with his disciples. He is the present pontiff of the Shakatapuram Mutt and he is an expert in Kannada and Sanskrit languages, and a great Vedic scholar. He toured to various parts of India and spread the essentials of spirituality amongst the people. His teachings are very simple and straight forward in nature. He is a soft spoken, humble and a gentle person, who didn’t get angry over others. By hearing his nice teachings, many of his devotees have blossomed in their lives. He has done many charitable activities for the welfare of the poor, and treats everyone as alike. Lot of devotees from all over India are coming to this lovely place, in order to visit this divine guru and to get his immense blessings. Sri Krishnananda Teertha Swamigal has got lot of followers from all over India, and among them, Amman Arul Selvi Boomija Ramaiyer is the most prominent follower of the holy Guru, and she and her family considers him as their spiritual guru, guide and god.

According to legend, a pious disciple of Adi Shankara was the first pontiff of Badrinath Mutt, and one of his successors, Sri Satya Theertha visited to Shakatapuram before 600 years ago, and founded Shri Vidya Peetam, and he has installed an idol of Lord Lakshmi Narayana which was brought by him from Badrinath, and this is the main deity of this holy mutt.  Along with Lakshmi Narayana, idols of Lord Krishna, Adishankara, Raja Rajeshwari Amman and Lord Dattatreya are also found here. The Mutt follows Sri Adishankara’s Advaita Hindu philosophy, and it also preaches it to the devotees.

There is also a branch for this Mutt, and it is situated at East Tambaram in Chennai. During the reign of Vijayanagar Kings, this Mutt was properly honoured, and the kings used to visit this Mutt during festival times. Through the best efforts of Jagadguru Sri Krishnananda Teertha Swamigal, various facilities were added in the Mutt like Goshala, Veda Pata Sala and Annadana Sala.