Bodhendra Saraswathi

Bodhendra Saraswathi(1610-1692)was a Hindu pontiff and the Jagathguru of the Kanchi mutt, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. He also lived in Govindapuram. His birth name was purushotaman.
Bodhendra was born at Kanchipuram in the year 1610.
Sri Viswakendra Saraswati of Kanchi Mutt asked his parents to give him to the mutt. And they wilfully gave him to the Mutt. He was a master in all spiritual texts and contains wisdom, courage and boldness at his younger age itself. He chanted Rama nama for more than one lakh times every day.
He served well as the head of kanchi mutt and was pleased by his acts by the devotees.
He attained samadhi at Govindapuram,Thanjavur district in the year 1692 AD.
The Samadhi of Bodhendra Saraswathi is well maintained by the Kanchi mutt.

1. Always utter Rama Nama in order to live peacefully in this earth, and also to attain MOKSHA after death.
2. Everyone must adopt spirituality in their life, in order to succeed in their life.
3. Daily chant at least few thousands of Rama Nama Japam.
4. Rama is the main person who gives all sorts of happiness to us and we can attain the eternal bliss only through worshipping him.
5. By chanting Rama Nama, we can control our senses and avoid negativity, bad and suicidal thoughts in our mind, and can get fresh spiritual energy in our body.
6. Our heart will get purified by doing Rama Nama Japam.
7. We can develop good habits by uttering Rama Nama throughout in our life.
8. It is the easiest way to attain the spiritual enlightenment of god.
9. Several physical and mental diseases can be controlled and cured by repeatedly uttering Rama Nama.
He was a great scholar and a devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. He guides us in the spiritual path, and clears our soul and protects us from several problems. He was born in this earth in order to lead us to the spiritual path and to attain the eternal bliss of the god.Though he was not alive, his teachings will always be remembered by us and will act as a guide to us. During his life time, he conducted many devotional lectures and was attracted by his followers. He was also a regular reader of Ramayan and was specialized in preaching it among his followers. He was a kind hearted saint, who always give respect to others sentiments and feelings and move with everyone in a cordial manner.We also have to follow him with regard to his bhakti on Lord Rama, and to try to attain peacefulness in our life, and to attain SALVATION after our death.

Even though it is a difficult task, we should try to our level best with regard to devoting Lord Rama and by chanting the mantras “JAI SRI RAM” and “SREE RAM JAYA RAM, JAYA, JAYA RAM” sincerely and with utmost faith in our mind.

Let us worship him and be blessed.


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