Shyamala Sundari



Shyamala, also known as Shyamala Sundari (15th Century AD) was a great spiritual poet and a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. She was born in the present day Porbandar at Gujarat, and she was                                    a celebrated female Bhakti saint, who is still remembered by the Gujarati people, for her great love, affection and dedication on Lord Krishna.

Shyamala was the author of Krishna Stuti, Krishna Charitra, Bhakti Mala, and she also wrote lot of honey filled songs on Lord Krishna. She was considered similar to Bhakta Meera for her selfless devotion on Lord Krishna, and she considered Lord Krishna as everything for her, and in all the worldly objects, she saw the face of Lord Krishna and due to that, she lived a very happy life.

Though she wrote lot of poems in praise of Lord Krishna, but at present only few hundred songs are available. The divine poems composed by her were admired by Krishna devotees even today. The details about the life history of Shyamala Sundari, her devotion on the Lord, and the hardships faced in her life, are available in the book, “MY DIVINE JOURNEY”, and the details were taken from the palm leaf manuscripts, and it was re-written by a devotee of Lord Krishna.

Some of the verses from her sweet poems are as follows:-

Oh My Lotus eyed Krishna, so far, you have never seen me, and you haven’t conveyed any message for me.
So I will remove my ornaments and my own hair from my head, since I don’t want to exhibit my beauty before others.

After making me to feel alone in this world, then what I am going to do in this world?
Until I see your beautiful face, I will never eat or sleep, and there is no purpose in living in this world at all.  Please consider me as your slave, and take me to your abode.

According to me, Lord Krishna is everything, he is the friend, philosopher, guide and god of mine, and he is my divine saviour. Till he arrives at my place, let me keep chanting his wonderful names.