Sivavakkiyar is one among 18 Siddhas and considered as a person who was against caste discrimination. He belonged to the family of gold smiths, and his parents were sincerely devoted to Lord Shiva. It is believed that he lived thousand years ago.
Sivavakkiyar Siddhar was born by reciting Lord Shiva’s holy name. Hence he was called by the name Sivavakkiyar. His parents were insisted him to become a great siddha, and hence he met the siddhas to learn various subjects from them.
He was an expert in Siddha medicine, Yoga and meditation.
Since Sivavakkiyar Siddhar was a great poet, he wrote lot of devotional songs on Lord Shiva.
He got the spiritual energy by worshipping goddess sakthi.
He was against caste, creed, gender and religion. He treated all the people as equal and respected everybody.
He asked the people to chant the glory of god, and by reciting his mantra and name, in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. He went to kasi and learnt vedas and other divine scriptures.
He attained Siddhi at kumbakonam. Pujas are performed regularly on Full Moon Day. Those who pray to him with sincere devotion in mind, are blessed with good health and wealth, and also give peacefulness in life. Praying him on Mondays will give good results in our life. By worshipping him all the evil effects of the Nava Grahas will be cleared immediately, and we can attain all the prosperity in our life. All problems related to black magic, mental disorder, suffering from unwanted, negative and suicidal thoughts will be removed from our mind, if we worship him and chant his name sincerely as a daily practice.
He was a great siddha, and cured the diseases of the people through his siddha medicines. He also invoked his followers to the spiritual path and asked them to worship Lord Shiva regularly, in order attain MUKTHI. He asked the people to realize the god from their own soul, since god is dwelling in everyone’s soul.
He solved various problems of the people through his spiritual energy. He was praised and admired by the people for his good behaviour and for containing great yogic powers.
It is believed that he chanted shiva mantra for several millions of time during his life time.

Let us worship this great siddha and be blessed.