Baba Lokenath was born in the year 1730 in a Brahmin family in the village at Kolkata. As per the wish of his father, he has entered in the spiritual path.

He learnt the Vedas, Shastras and other divine scriptures under a great scholar. At his younger age, he left home and stayed at the Kalighat Temple, and then for several years he stayed in the forest area, and learnt Yoga and Meditation, and got great spiritual powers through that.

Baba Lokenath stayed in the holy Himalayan Mountains and involved himself in deep meditation for several years. After some time, he got enlightenment. He also went on pilgrimages to many holy temples and worshipped the great gods and goddesses and received their blessings.

He also travelled to many foreign countries, and spread the bhakti spirit among the people, and also given divine lectures on spirituality. With the help of his well-wishers, he built a small ashram for him in Dhaka, Bangladesh, at his ripe old age of 100 years. He performed many miracles in the life of his devotees, and gave wisdom, happiness and peacefulness in their life, through his spiritual powers. He also conducted spiritual lectures, and made them to realize the god in their hearts.


  1. Try to control your senses, and live a noble life, then you can attain SALVATION.
  2. Always be calm and never speak angrily over others.
  3. Believe in god, without his help, you cannot do anything in your life.
  4. Consume simple and nutritious food, since we are eating food only for running our life, and not living for eating food alone.
  5. Don’t make others to suffer, since the same will get repeated in your case also.
  6. Don’t show enmity with others, since it will never make you to eat and sleep properly.
  7. Do charity activities in order to increase your good karma and to decrease your bad karma.
  8. Our main god is our parents, take care of them properly.
  9. Don’t be selfish, be selfless.

It is believed that he had attained SALVATION on 1890, at the age of 160 years. And his final words are:

“I will always be with you. Do not worry, and in problematic situations, remember me, and call my name, Immediately, I will protect you”.

Lokenath Baba is worshipped as a great saint and guru by millions of Bengali families in West Bengal.


He was a kind hearted and a noble saint and guru who protects us from dangers and from our enemies, and makes us to live a peaceful and prosperous life. He will also give good strength in our mind and body, and makes us to move towards the spiritual path. Still he is hearing our voices, and blessing us from the heaven.

Let us worship the great saint and guru and be blessed.