Sree Vijayendra Theertha

Vijayendra Tirtha (1514-1595) was a great Dvaita philosopher and a spiritual writer, he is said to have written about 104 books based on the principles of Dvaita and protected it against the attacks from the Vedanta and the Veerashaiva movement. He was the pontiff at Kumbakonam under the rule of Thanjavur Nayaks and he participated in spiritual discussions with the Advaita philosopher Appayya Dikshita and the Veerashaiva Emme Basava and he was won in the spiritual debates. He has mastered over 64 arts.



Birth and Sanyasa
He was Born as Vitthalacharya, and he studied Vedanta, Mimamsa and Nyaya under the Guru Sree Vyasatirtha. He also received training in poetry and drama. At the Age of 25, he moved to Kumbakonam and met Surendra Tirtha, the erstwhile pontiff of the Vibhudendra mutt. Vitthala succeeded Surendra as the pontiff with the title Vijayendra Tirtha. Historial records note that Vijayendra received patronage from Aliya Rama Raya and also received grants from Sevappa Nayak of Tanjore. After his death in 1595, his mortal remains were enshrined in the mutt at Kumbakonam. He was succeeded by Sudhindra Tirtha.

Devotional works
Vijayendra tirtha has made as many as 104 literary works. A few poems and three dramatical works have been honoured to him as well.

Sri Vijayeendra Tirtharu saved Madhva Philosophy from a serious threat of extinction in South India, during the 16th century. The followers of Madhva Philosophy are always grateful to Sri Vijayeendra Teertharu. He had his victory against all his opponents in all fields.

Miracles/Victories by Vijayeendra Tirtharu :-
1.He Defeated Krishna Sharma in debate
2.He defeated a Mantrika in Mantrika Vidya
3.When some people tried to test him using Kama Shastra, he defeated them.
4.He defeated Appayya Deekshita in debate and finally Appayya Deekshitaru accepted his defeat.
5.He saved many people from their problems,cured their diseases and also invoked the bhakti in them.
6.He was kind among his devotees and is a very noble and good saint.
7.He is regarded as a great Guru and a UNIVERSAL SAINT.

Vijayendra Theertharu who was a master in 64 arts is capable of doing anything to his devotees from his brindavana. He is the one who protects his devotees from all sorts of difficulties in their life. During his period, he cannot be defeated by anyone due to his HARI BHAKTI. Similar to that, we should also have such kind of devotion to god. Let us pray to the great Guru Sree Vijayendra Theertha and chant his nama ‘OM SREE VIJAYENDRA THEERTHARE NAMAHA’.