Sri Dongreji Maharaj



The great saint Ramchandra Dongreji Maharaj was a Hindu saint, religious speaker, preacher and a philosopher. He used to narrate the incidents from the divine text Srimad Bhagwatam in a pleasing manner. He was born and brought up in Gujarat. Through his divine lectures, lot of people used to change their bad habits and looked after their family in a proper manner. Youngsters after hearing his god’s stories began to live affectionately with their parents, and discharged their duties to their parents in a pleasing manner.

Sri Dongreji Maharaj also penned poems and used to sing in praise of Lord Krishna in the temples at Gujarat. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, and whenever he narrates the details about the childhood plays of Lord Krishna in front of the public gathering, joyful tears would flow from his eyes, and the listeners also would be eagerly enjoying the lectures performed by him.

Apart from performing divine lectures, Dongreji Maharaj also used to visit the popular temples, and worship the divine deities. He had performed meditation on Lord Krishna and through that, he got great spiritual powers.


  1. Hear the life history of Krishna and Rama.
  2. Learn the teachings of Krishna, and implement it in your life.
  3. Chanting the names of Rama and Krishna is the best medicine for your mental and physical illness.
  4. Allocate sufficient time to visit and worship the temple deities.
  5. Always be with the company of noble and able scholars.
  6. Don’t get afraid of anything in your life. Feel the presence of the Lord in your heart, and enjoy the every moment of your life.
  7. Be generous and show your kindness to others.
  8. Only through your constant hard work you can compromise your mind.
  9. Unity is our best strength.
  10. God would do wonders in your life.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.