Sri.T.S.Ramasubban (1932-2004) was an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara. He was born and brought up in Gobichettipalayam, and he had finished his school education in his native place. His father had served as an advocate and his mother was a house wife. After finishing his schooling, he joined in a co-operative bank at Erode. He worked very well and due to his sincerity, he got an opportunity to work in Syndicate Bank, and he worked in various Branches of Syndicate Bank.

While he was working in Kadapa Branch,                               suddenly, on one Saturday, he had suffered from Typhoid fever, and at that time, he was staying in a mansion. While he was running a high temperature of fever, nobody was available at that time. He started to realize that he is going to die soon, and he immediately began to pray to his beloved god Venkateswara, and worshipped him whole heartedly. After some time, he began to sleep. During his sleep, he had the divine vision of Lord Venkateswara, and in that dream, the Lord touched the whole body of Sri.Ramasubban, and disappeared. After some time, when Ramasubban had woken up from the bed, he began to feel that he was completely relieved from fever, and with full of joy in his mind, he shared his experiences with his roommates, after they reached the room.

From that day, onwards, once in a year, he began to visit Tirumala, and worshipped the great almighty. He continued the practice of visiting Tirumala, and worshipped the god for many years, and his wife was a house wife, and he had two children. Even after retiring from his service, he used to visit Tirumala, once in a year, and during his last stages of his life, due to various health issues, he began to visit the nearby temples of Lord Vishnu, and paid his great respects to him.

He died on 23.09.2004, and even some time before his death, he went to a nearby Vishnu temple, and performed Archanai, and while having his morning breakfast, he suffered from sudden cardiac arrest and died in the morning hours of 23rd September 2004.

It is believed that due to his sincere bhakti on Lord Venkateswara, he would have taken a good birth.

Let us worship Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala and be blessed.