Sudama Panday



Sudama Panday (1936–1975), was a famous Hindi poet from Varanasi, who is well-known for his good writing style, and wrote devotional poems.

He also wrote various articles on social issues, and he was very much worried about the caste discrimination which was very much prevailed during his period.

Sudama Panday was born in the year 1936 in a village in Varanasi districtUttar Pradesh. He completed I.T.I in Varanasi, and worked as an instructor in the Electrical Department.

He died in the year 1975.


  1. Mochiram
  2. Ghar Main Wapsi
  3. The Tree of Tongues

Sudama was very much worried about the status of the poor people, and expressed his sadness in his poems. He wants the living standard of the poor people to be improved and they must have to get all the necessities, and must not suffer from poverty in their life.

He wrote only a few poems on Lord Krishna, and in his poems, he asked Krishna to come down to the earth, to remove the sufferings of the people.

Some of the verses from his poems are as follows:

  1. Oh! My sweet Krishna, where are you hiding! Please come in front of me, and kindly remove the sufferings of the poor and the down trodden people.
  2. Oh! Krishna! Please heal the diseases of the sick people.
  3. Oh! Krishna! You have made your lovely friend Sudama into a rich person. Similar to that, uplift the poor people, and make them to smile and enjoy in their life.
  4. Oh! Krishna! Please remove the bad thoughts from the minds of the people, and reduce their sins.
  5. Oh! Krishna! Make the people to realize your glory, and let them sing songs in praise of you, and let them attain SALVATION.
  6. Oh! Krishna! You have been loved by everyone for your beautiful smile, and for your attractive appearance.
  7. Oh! Krishna! You are not expecting wealth from the people. But you are expecting only the true bhakti from the people.