Swami Madhavdas Ji Maharaj



Swami Madhavdas Ji Maharaj was a philanthropist and he was the Saint of the Prem Prakash Mandal. He was born in the year 1914 in a village at Hyderabad, Sindh Province at Pakistan to a pious Sindhi family. His parents were ardent devotees of Lord Krishna and Sri Jhulelal Ji Maharaj, a famous Sindhi Guru, and an avatar of Lord Varuna Bhagavan. His parents used to take him to the Krishna Temples, and make him to hear the divine discourses on Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita.

From his young age itself, he was not interested in worldly affairs, and he began to serve the saints of Prem Prakash Mandal. His guru was Swami Teonram Maharaj and he studied spiritual subjects, Hindi, Sanskrit and Music from him. He travelled throughout the country and spread the “KRISHNA BHAKTI” among the people. Sant Madhavdas came to Ajmer in the year 1950, and settled down there. He founded the Prem Prakash Ashram at Ajmer, and done social as well as divine service. He fed food to the hungry people, and educated the poor children. He also gave employment to poor widows, and treated them with much respect, and protected them. Through the donations received from his followers, he has rendered a noble service to the society. Swami founded a temple at Pushkar, and the temple attracts thousands of devotees from various parts of India on a daily basis. His main disciple is Shri Bhagwandas, who had contributed lot of money for establishing hospital, poor feeding centres and educational establishments at Ajmer.

Swamy was a very kind, noble and generous person, and he had lot of followers in India and abroad. He died in the year 1984, and attained Salvation.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.